Jesse Davis


A leader in his community, with over a decade of experience in professional firefighting for Albuquerque Fire Rescue, Lieutenant Davis has extensive experience with the needs of current and prospective first responders. Jesse is a L2 CrossFit Certified and renowned by his peers for his tenacity and dedication and revered by cadets/trainees for his high expectations and work ethic. After owning and operating a successful training program, tailored to preparing future prospects for fire service, Jesse decided to transition his passion into a “brick and mortar” facility, to support his vision and take his popular program, products and services to a nationwide audience.

kyleigh davis


A renowned businesswoman with an extensive track record of entrepreneurial success, and an avid fitness enthusiast with a passion for wellness (with an emphasis on nutrition), Kyleigh Davis is demonstrably a master of success. Her impressive real estate business is merely a small reflection of her potentiality in large-scale business operations, and a clear validation of her title as the Principal Managing Member of FLC.





Noah Brown

(Personal Trainer & Coach)

Noah Brown is a certified personal trainer from the ABQ/Los Lunas area. Sports were Noah’s gateway into fitness! While trying to pursue being the best Football player that he can be, he has been part of a multitude of different fitness families/training modalities: Sports specific, speed training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, boxing, yoga, etc.
His dedication to his craft lead him into a career in collegiate and professional football. His next goal? Pushing YOU to become the BEST version of YOU! Coach Noah has been personal training for over 5 years, doing everything from youth, to group classes, to 1 on 1’s! Check out Coach Noah’s Lunch Time workouts as well as his infamous Sunday Booty Classes!


(Personal Trainer & Coach)

Paul is an Ex Marine Reservist, carrying several years of military combat and reconnaissance training experience, as well as a decade of qualified athletic and bodybuilding experience, having helped dozens find success in their fitness journeys and lifestyle transformations since 2018, from 8 to 60+ years old. Currently studying for NASM Group training certification to expand opportunities to help more individuals fulfill their health, wellness and competitive goals within his coaching career.

Amber SeyMoRE


Amber has her Master of Science in Exercise & Sports Nutrition with her thesis completed on
female athlete menstrual and sports nutrition knowledge. She has years of experience working
as a nutritionist in a clinical, private, and sports setting. Her philosophy is to promote
sustainability and independence within her client’s own nutrition choices. She encourages a diet
full of whole, natural foods and believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dieting.
She is also a new mom and wife to a professional athlete/personal guinea pig. She enjoys
lifting, creating delicious and healthy recipes, and playing with her beautiful daughter. Most of
her coaching classes will involve nutrition tips and loud Rnb/hip hop music.




Sam has been a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach for 3 years. Her favorite style of exercise is bodybuilding style lifting. You won’t catch her running anywhere unless she’s being chased by a bear or being bribed with snacks. Her favorite ways to spend her time outside of working out and her automation & systems business are international travel and spending quality time with her husband, Bryan, and cat, Patrick Suedze.


(Personal Trainer & Coach)

Luis is a dedicated personal development coach and physical trainer, specializing in discipline and change from the inside out. With a focus on holistic personal growth, Luis empowers clients to reach their full potential by nurturing their mind, body, and spirit. He provides personalized coaching, helping individuals set goals, enhance self-awareness, and overcome obstacles. As a physical trainer, Luis designs customized fitness programs and emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and self-care practices. Through empathy, compassion, and a growth mindset, he guides clients toward sustainable transformations for a fulfilling life.

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